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May 2010
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2010 Goals In Review - 3 Month Check-In

- Pay off credit cards and go to month to month paying.DONE!

- Restart up the worm bin and try to keep with it. – Haven’t been able to do anything with this. I was waiting until we moved into the new house, but I may just work on getting it started before we have anything to use it on, since it’s going to be quite some time before I can even FIND a garden out there.

- Cook more using solar oven. – Haven’t started this, but the days are getting warmer, I may work on pulling it out…what should I make first? Perhaps something really hard to screw up…I’ll look into recipes this week.

- Start waking up earlier.Oy, be careful what you wish for! I’ve had daily meetings at 8am for the past month and a half, which has required me to start waking up around 7:15 or so to prepare for them. It’s a good way to force me to wake up early and has resulted in waking up early on the weekends as well. I sure asked for it, however it wasn’t exactly what I was planning.

- Post more longer meaningful entries. Since moving to my blog, I think this one is covered. I’m enjoying writing here and have become completely attached to the WordPress interface and abilities. It has given me more focus and made me really think about the things I post. I will call this one done!

- Take a small engine repair class. – Still on my list…not sure if it’s going to happen, logistically.

- Getting hitched and having a party.DONE!

- Closing on the loan on the new house and starting the build.Closed and the build is commencing. I never thought I’d be hoping for the rain to hold off for a little while.

- Start learning spanish. – Nothing so far, I’m going to look into online classes this week.

- Curtail spending on fabric. So far, so good. I’ve not spent any money since the first of the year on fabric. In fact, I’ve given away or sold much of the extraneous pieces that it’s not likely that I’ll ever get to. I do not plan on going to fabric stores to even look until after I’ve gone through the stash that I have considerably.

- Curtail spending on custom clothing.I have not purchased any clothing online since the first of the year. I bought one dress from my friend’s shop, I think I’m going to go on a clothing moratorium for the rest of the year.

- Utilize Netflix more for weekend movies instead of OnDemand or theatre movies on weekend nights.This has been solved more by watching more TV (Star Trek) and doing stuff at home rather than going out. I’ll call this a success so far. Keeping up with it is key (it helps there haven’t been as many good movies out lately)

- Make more gifts for people. – Hmm, it’s May. I should start thinking now of holiday gifts while I still can. This year may be a no-gift year as I’ll likely be pretty house-busy/poor.

- Utilize in-home exercise equipment and/or gym membership Find more ways to incorporate exercise in ways that I enjoy – I’ve let my gym memberships lapse and I’m ok with that. I’ve been walking more and I’m going to be starting in a fitness group with a friend of mine for the month of May. Finding more ways to incorporate exercise in ways that I enjoy rather than hate (like going to the gym) is what it’s all about. I should just change the goal to that.

- Read more books that I own. – In support of this I’ve culled through my books, sent many of them to new homes via and made a shelf of books to read. I was doing really well for a while, but got distracted. I think I may need to refocus some time to reading in my day and get this going again.

Adding to this original list is a few things that have come up in the past few months that I’d like to reach for…

- Eat healthier – This includes eating out less, cooking in more, and cooking using healthier fats, traditional foods, prepared well. To this end in the past several months I’ve stopped (for the most part) buying grocery store meats and processed foods. I’ve begun an eCourse for preparing foods ala the book “Nourishing Traditions” and branched out into more traditional methods. So far so good. I plan to continue this experimentation to see what works for us.

- Lose weight – Normally I would not put this on a list except that in order to remain in good health, I’m going to need to shed some extra weight. I’m down 13 pounds from the start of the year with another 7 to go before mid June and then eventually another 11 after that by the end of August. I’m not looking to become a swimsuit model and I’m not doing it for my physique, but I’d like to keep better track of it so that I can remain healthy and without medicine.

- Cultivate meaningful friendships and community – I’m working on creating for myself an environment of growth, support and encouragement with community and the types of people that help foster the kinds of traits that I desire myself to have. That’s not to say that the friends that I have are not providing this, but more saying that I’m looking to work in a community, and surround myself with people doing the things that I want to do, or who want to do the kinds of things I want to in order to move forward together.

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