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July 2010
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Links I've Liked 7/19-7/23

-Neato lids for mason jars that make them more useful.

- How to make your own dishwasher soap – Handy for when I’ve run out, which is more than it should be.

- A discussion about relationship inventories

- A good article about the chemicals and hazards of manicures/pedicures – Austin has Pure Austin Nails which uses formaldehyde free polishes.

- Wardeh’s recipe for the best ice cream and seven tips for perfect homemade ice cream.

- A goose gets into the house, chaos ensues – I laughed until I almost peed myself.

- Carhartt work corset – I think I need to learn how to make corsets now. It’s almost as good as the tactical corsets.

- As a follow up, here is a video of the double amputee lady with the mermaid tail:

- Random music I’ve really liked this week:
1. Shinyribs – Who Built The Moon

2. Florence + The Machine – Heavy In Your Arms

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  • I can testify that Pure Nails is a magnificent place to get fixin’ done. During my attempted makeover last year, I got their ultimate mani/pedi and it was not only divine, it didn’t stink, burn, or itch. And the ladies were so sweet! They said Monday is the day to go if you want the place all to yourself.

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