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August 2010
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Sourdough English Muffins

I’ve been working with sourdough for a couple of months now, you can see my tale of Carl my starter here over at GNOWFGLINS. But I have to admit, I’ve been struggling with sourdough cooking – especially with what was supposed to be so simple english muffins. How ridiculous I felt that I couldn’t master a basic recipe!

But, on my third try, today I successfully made sourdough english muffins. The recipe is here and I followed it exactly.

The issue I originally had was that my dough always seemed too wet to work with, but the directions seemed to indicate that it was ok to be too wet. But my muffins all ran together, stuck to everything, turned out very flat and never cooked in the middle when I skillet cooked them.

I experimented with adding more flour than I thought I should. The dough was more firm when souring, and held it’s shape better when made into dough balls. It was still sticky, but it was much more manageable than before.

After consulting the forum I discovered one of the secrets is to put a lid on the pan when you cook them. That helped out immensely too.

The texture turned out perfect, light and fluffy. The taste was perfectly soured after sitting and fermenting all night (I cooked them the next morning). I used ghee to lube my pan up and it gave them a nice buttery taste on the outside too.

Hooray for perseverance and success!

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