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August 2010
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What I've Been Doing - In The Kitchen 8/17

Since I’m taking the Sourdough eCourse from Wardeh at GNOWFGLINS, everything is sourdough lately – which is not a bad thing.

My family was in town last week and I had built up my starter to make english muffins, sourdough chocolate chip cookies and and pizza dough while they were here (we had decorate-your-own pizza pockets the one night) and I had almost two quarts of sourdough starter leftover when they left. I put it in the fridge until I could figure out what to do with all of it.

I was finally – finally! – able to make a successful batch of sourdough english muffins last week that I posted about here. I made a quadruple batch on Sunday to use up a couple of cups of the starter. They turned out perfect again! I sent some over to my neighbor last night too.

I also tried out sourdough crackers. I love crackers and I always feel bad for buying them – they usually have so much crap in them. I came across this wonderful recipe online and decided to try it.

I used ghee instead of butter since I have it on hand and it was already out and soft. I skipped the olive oil and salt part of it, they were plenty salty as it is. I made a double batch, so it was four trips to the oven for it.

I let the dough soak for 8 hours, it poofed up quite nicely in my warm kitchen.

Then I rolled it out in four separate batches onto my Silpat and baked mine for about 20 minutes – I wanted them more crispy than bready.

I ate them warm from the oven (you know, you have to eat the ugly ones right away, right?) with some local Bosque blue cheese crumbles.

I cannot wait to make more.

In between all that soaking Sunday, I also managed to slow cook a local, pastured pork shoulder (for 8 hours) and made two quarts of yogurt (though I forgot to add vanilla to it). A couple of days ago I started a batch of bourbon vanilla. I was inspired by Wardeh’s post the other day.

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  • Elizabeth

    Those look great! I have tried these once; I will have to do a double batch next time, maybe with sesame seeds.

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