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October 2010
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T-Pole Clothesline Project

One of the first projects I had Miguel work on was the one that I started and was having trouble with. Turns out, I guess I was doing it right, or mostly right.

I followed the directions that I found at the Life, In a Nutshell blog. I used:

4 landscaping timbers
4 6-inch lag screws
4 5-inch ringed nails
12 3-inch decking nails
10 open hooks
2 bags of cement
150 feet of plastic covered wire clothes line

Getting the lag screws into the top of the post was the hardest part. I drilled all the way through the top post and a couple inches into the second post, but when you socket-wrench them into place, there leaves a gap between them about 1/4 inch. I tried tightening them down as best as I could, but stripped the first bolts. Miguel picked up from here, but his try didn’t get much closer, so we just dealt with it. The knee braces steadied the whole thing up, so I wasn’t too worried about it. The knee braces are toenailed into the side of the upright pole.

The plastic coated wire is nicer than the regular plastic line as you can just twist it to attach it to the hooks and it doesn’t “stretch like bubblegum” (as the guy at the hardware store said).

I’ve got about 125 linear feet of hanging space, plus another 50 feet on a retractable reel line that’s attached to the porch posts. I love fresh, crispy sheets and pillowcases from the laundry line. It works well for bar towels, shirts, shorts and underwear, but not so good for socks and bath towels. I may line dry them somewhat, then throw them in the dryer to tumble them fluffy so that they’re not all stiff and crispy.

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3 comments to T-Pole Clothesline Project

  • What a beautiful clothesline! We’re about to move into our new min-ranch and I think Jeremy needs to make one of these for me. ;) Thanks for the tutorial!

  • What a great project! I’d love a long line like this, but you just cannot find them in the stores anywhere. At our old house, we had metal t-stands for laundry line and it was the kind you could pull the wire and move the wire to hang the laundry rather than you have to move down the line.

    Hey, now that I mention it, my mom had the same thing at our old house when I was a girl in the early 70s.

    I’m subbing to your blog.

  • Those are gorgeous! I really want to finish cleaning out the garage so I can put a clothesline in there. There is no point putting it outside in Seattle though!
    xo, SustainableEats

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