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October 2010
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Links I’ve Liked – 10/15

Most of my links this week are around food it seems. It’s getting cooler, I’m cooking for four people every weekday now so it’s on my mind a lot lately.

- How to render lard – This week I cleaned out my freezer in preparation for deer season and discovered 15 pounds of pork fat. I rendered it down to about 7 quarts of lard and a gallon baggie full of lard crunchies that will grace salads and yorkshire puddings. And it made the entire house smell like bacon. You can’t beat that.

- Heavenly Homemaker’s Whole wheat pie crust – I tried this this week, but I think I added too much flour. Whole wheat flour seems to soak up more moisture and get crumbly. I need to keep reminding myself that it takes LESS than I think it does. I’m not giving up though! Her pie crust below looked infinitely better than mine.

- I love Ruhlman, and his easy home-cured bacon recipe. Too bad we don’t have a smoker.

- Apple and cheddar scones!? – I made two apple pies this week, they turned out a little drier than I’d like, but still good. I was commenting about how the honeycrisp apples that my mother brought back from Pennsylvania tasted really good with the Sand Creek Farm‘s salty mozzarella and how some people put cheddar in their apple pies and now I could see why.

- Look at A Green Earth’s garden! It’s GORGEOUS!

This week I’m in garden planning overload, as Miguel finished plowing, leveling and stringing out our garden area. It’s 110′ x 60′ and it will have 4′ x 20′ beds using concrete blocks as the raised bed walls. We talked about pouring concrete forms, making wood frames, all manner of things, but I liked the idea of concrete blocks because you can move them, you can fill the holes with things like marigolds or other beneficial flowers and they’ll last pretty much forever. When the beds get established, we can add more blocks on top to make a deeper bed too – easy peasy!

- Keeper of the Home’s cold kicker remedy – I often do the mashed clove of garlic covered in honey and drown in a shot glass of whisky as a home cure. That burns going down and sometimes gives me heartburn, but usually does the trick. Maybe I’ll give this one a shot instead.

- There’s a local bakery that I want to visit. How can you resist with pictures like this:

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