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January 2013
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Best Moments

- I love my cows.
- I can’t even tell you how much I want to go here. Glass igloo hotel rooms to watch the aurora in.

-Back in 2006, I lost a lot of weight and bought myself a couple pairs of REI zip-off hiking pants to backpack Yosemite. As of last month, I am the very same weight that I was in July 2006 when I fit into those pants and they fit again.
- A meadow in the ocean made of frost flowers.

- I like the fact that one of my favorite bands played a Dec 21st show. Their name is particularly appropriate on Mayan Apocalypse Day (This Will Destroy You).
- The winter solstice, when I can celebrate that the daylight will get longer again. It’s the hope for spring and warmth and renewal to me.
- Ten lessons from ten quotes that changed my life
- As a corollary, 12 relationship truths we often forget
- Boxing day Red Lobster tradition.
- A great Christmas light idea for fire fighters:

- This year’s brighter-than-a-full-moon comet Ison!
- Hillside Farmacy breakfast!

- Wool is warm when wet.
- Lemon ginger tea with orange blossom honey.
- Krefelder (specifically Spaten Optimator with Mexicoke)
- For the first time in a week being able to see the sun sliding over the horizon to set. Maybe it is the lack that has made me appreciate it more, but it was a beautiful sight to behold over the hills of cows and hay.
- Jeep nostalgia.
- Feeling included.
- Seeing Orion shining down on me after dark.
- Birds on the wires

- “Remember that whatever anger, fear, or sorrow arises will pass away, and we can always return to the intention to care for ourselves and for all beings. Beginning again and again is the actual practice, not a problem to overcome so that one day we can come to the ‘real’ meditation.” – Sharon Salzberg, Lovingkindness
- How to sit in a chair and drink tea
- Most lives are lived by default, so take charge of yours.
- Connection.
- Fractal patterns in dried out desert rivers

- Meditating monks on Pongour Falls

- Raw oyster bar on a Thursday night and Burma Shave signs.
- 1 engine, 38 cars. (I like trains.)
- Hot tubbing at 40 degrees (outside temperature).
- Fires in the fireplace, cats curled up nearby soaking up the warmth.
- Meditating and feeling the brain shift.
- Up early and catching perfect sunrises.
- Snowdown Balloon Rally Train on the Durango and Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad
- Frosty mornings.

- Old toilets on the front lawn with potted cacti (barrel in the bowl, prickly pear in the tank…seems appropriate)
- Dim sum for dinner.
- Reading up and getting excited about interesting places that I want to visit. Making plans and research is really half of the fun of it!
- My favorite moon and a beautiful sunset! Real (like with stems) chocolate covered cherries and sushi. Life is good.
- Hot bubble bath, amaretto on the rocks and a good book.
- “The appearances of things change according to the emotions, and thus we see magic and beauty in them, while the magic and beauty are really in ourselves.” Kahlil Gibran
- NASA’s new map of the world at night.

- What did you think I said: “The world is not eating your pets.” = “All the snot has rolled to one side of my head.”
- What did you think I said: “Turtle showing machine?” = “Treadle sewing machine.”

- Sunrise/Sunset iPhone montage:

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