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May 2013
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Best Moments

- The weirdo cat who likes roasted nori.
- My perfect little pretty little early morning sliver moon.
- Three straight days of running. And running the entire distances (2.2 miles, 1.5 miles, 2.2 miles respectively). Booyah!
- Also, puppy breaks at the end of good runs. What a wonderful way to end a run than to be loved all over by puppies!
- Curious cows

- Going out to breakfast, a rare joy and something that is just so fantastic. The early morning coolness, a cup of hot tea, bacon, eggs (over medium) and toast with jelly. Perfection!
- This article is helpful when I find myself feeling disconnected from others and feeling angry/annoyed/hateful at others. It’s *SO* hard sometimes to make that space, but feeling that lovingkindness and connection is better most times than that angry hatefulness and disconnection that I feel probably too much of the time. Disconnection bad. Connection good.
- How to make friends when you’re ‘old.’ Making friends out in the middle of the boonies adds an extra level of challenge seeing as there aren’t so many conveyor belts out here, but thankfully I’ve managed to find a couple people that I enjoy spending time with out here too. It’s definitely different now, older and distance challenged.
- Manon Wethly’s Instagram photographs of airborne beverages (in Europe)

- Amazingly hauntingly beautiful abandoned farmhouses in Europe, where it looks like people just disappeared, things still sitting out just so.

- Turns out, they will be filming some of Transformers 4 near me!
- A gigantic rubber duck in Hong Kong

- Capybaras: a gigantic hamster.

- I really enjoyed the movie Oblivion, but it was the M83 score and Susanne Sundfør that really tore me up (in a good way). I’m a sucker for electronic shoegaze, for sure.
- Anticipation of The Great Gatsby feast and movie!
- I’ve come across this sign on the Internet several times lately, and it makes me laugh til I snort every single time.

- Zach Braff screwing around. *snort*
- Cool storm cloud exhaust wind and seeing the rain column heading straight for us. I’ll take that any day of the week!
- A perfect weekend ended by a perfect day. Gardening, community BBQs and auctions (where I picked up really awesome stuff), feed run, gorgeous thunderstorms, beautifully misty sunrise, hay replenishment, the redneck engineering of fixing the center hitch in the truck (I will likely never complain about redneck engineering again!), a really awesome farmer’s tan, a bunch of sunshine and getting good and stinky from good, hard work.
- Someone on the Internet mentioned cutting open glow sticks and pouring them in bubble solution, but I’ve heard that it doesn’t work as well as you want it to. Still, the concept sounds absolutely fantastic.
- One of the things that I got at the auction I am so pleased with I cannot wait to get more. Vanilla scented wax flameless LED candles. And the best part is that you turn them on, they stay on for 5 hours, then turn themselves off. Then 19 hours later, they turn themselves back on for another 5 hours! They flicker, give a nice soft light and it’s just perfect for around the tub, or as a nightlight, or just wherever you need more ambiance.
- 55 Gentle ways to take care of yourself when you’re busy. I make time to take care of myself: take my vitamins, brush my teeth, listen to some good Spotty stations while I’m working, make myself a fresh green smoothie for breakfast, make a to-do list so I don’t forget things, take a half hour to sit and meditate, and go for a run.
- I need to remember to speak kindly to myself. Some days things just seem to pile up, but it’s all in my head, making things out to be bigger deals than they are. Bit by bit, I am working to retrain my brain for more helpful ways of thinking than just flailingly bashing things about.
- The most amazing latte art

- My friend posting about natural body care products. I’m going to try my hand at the shampoo bars, for sure!
- Leveling up and having been successful in learning how to tube feed a calf. And then even better, not having to need to use the skill again (but I feel much more confident having it in my arsenal)
- I love pretzels, and here’s a really great recipe for them!
- Lucking out and having amazing smoked prime rib when I didn’t even know it was National Prime Rib Day!
- When you are sad, just remember that sometimes jumping spiders wear water droplets as hats.

- 3 years of the sun in 3 minutes
And a composite image of 25 images spanning a year:

- Since May 2008 this dad has been drawing on his kids’ sandwich bags with a Sharpie marker.
- Fresh, perfectly ripe raspberries, covered in chocolate sauce as a post lunch dessert on any given Tuesday.
- Riding around the neighbor’s 300 acres for a purpose (looking for my cows) and while returning several hours later beat up, scratched up, sore and filthy, still having had a pretty good ride despite all of it. It was somewhat exciting thinking I might get lost, but then again, all I’d really have to do is head for a fence line and follow it home. I did get to see a lot of wildlife, deer, turkeys, buzzards, rabbits, mice, lizards and armadillos.
- Four tiny baby armadillos, curious and sniffing (and licking my boot?!)

- Happy list!

- San Andreas Fault – Palmdale Road Cut
- Bluebonnet Festival street fair in Ennis.
- Wine tastings, getting drunk in the afternoon, then going back to the B&B to sit and watch the sun set. My camera battery ran out of juice, so I got to watch it through my own two lenses instead of my camera’s.
- Catching bubblegum pink skies at sunrise, then watching it kiss the bluebonnet-filled hillsides.
- Lounging on the hanging day-bed reading magazines and drinking tea for several hours.
- Driving the bluebonnet trails, grilling steaks for dinner, sitting out with fire TV and taking a dip in the hottub before bed. A great evening!
- Bastrop’s wildflower and pine tree perfume is heady and wonderful. Mix in burgers on the grill as we passed The Roadhouse, and I’m so in love.
- Studies to prove the theory of hanging out with people who you’d like to be like, as opposed to people you do not want to be like.
- If an armadillo crosses my path as I’m finishing up my first full 20 minute run (as in I ran the entire time) since last summer, does that mean good luck? I’m just going to go ahead and call it that, I suppose I don’t really care if it is or not.
- Feeding three calves at a time by The Pioneer Woman. This made me laugh so much, mostly because I know what tiny baby calf tongues are like.

- You want a physicist to speak at your funeral. Simply beautiful.
- I keep seeing gorgeous photos of the Canyonlands and Arches National Parks show up in my facebook feed and I love them so. I’m looking forward to someday getting there and being able to hike and see it for myself.
John Morey Photography | Natural Fine Art Photographics & More: Canyon Lands National Park &emdash;
- I also keep seeing photos of the Oregon coast that make me want to make it a destination sometime soon.

- Light and shadows

Sparkles and Wine – Teaser from Nacho Guzman on Vimeo.

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