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June 2013
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Best Moments

- Itsy bitsy, teeny weeny little tiny new heifer cow baby!

- Feeling like I am finally pulling bit by bit out of the funk that I’ve been in for the first half of the year and being able to look back and see what looks like progress.
- Blowing giant bubbles when I wash my face in the shower.
- The giant arm bubbles I sometimes make from the soap in the shower or bath.
- Tiny little birdies tucked in a teeny tiny space (three cheeps mashed in the peak of my carport in a space about four inches by an inch and a half)
- Baby cows and their tiny little sweet noses, even if they are sulking or pouting.
- Little cow butts!

- Breakfast: eggs, bacon, toast with grape jelly. My favorite!
- Cats who eat pound cake.
- Cool breezy mornings.
- Chocolate ice cream cones.
- Not realizing you have a long weekend until Thursday night before. It’s an unexpected happy surprise!
- Rain, especially the unexpected kind, on the rooftop.
- When the rain just as unexpectedly stops abruptly.
- Driving around in the truck, windows down, hair blowing in the wind, radio blaring my favorite songs, the almost-full moon shining down between big white puffy clouds.
- Finding the most bestest deal ever on a cast iron tub that I’ve wanted for years. The idea of laying in that thing on hot summer days is ever so exciting to me.
- Hands down, the very BEST purchase of the year:

- Feeling upset and angry about people and situations and remembering that everyone (even people who upset me) want to be happy just like I do and suffer and do not want to suffer just like I do. It made me feel more compassionate and more at peace.
- When Spotify radio plays me just the perfect song, that exact thing that helps shift me into the moment, into a better mood, speaks straight to me.
- Things to remember when I’m annoyed by other people: “With the eyes of compassion, we only see one thing. We see that others’ happiness and suffering are as real to them as our own are to us. We see that others want and seek happiness, but don’t find it as often as they would like. We see that others want to be free from suffering, and yet keep suffering.”
- A lovely, slow, wet and glorious morning. It rained for a couple hours, a nice driving, slow and steady rain. I caught up on some TV while I was parceling out oils for more batches of soap, then went to cut fabric with the door and windows open in the Moonhut so I could listen to the rain and thunder.
- Crawfish boil in the rain with head-to-toe muddy children splashing in the puddles playing with live crawfish.
- Wet chicken footprints on the porch.
- Long cow tongues trying to reach the cookie in my hand.
- The giant rubber ducky is coming to Pittsburgh when I plan to go visit and I quite honestly don’t think I could be any more excited or I might burst!

- I had the idea that I should start running in the middle of the night, either very late or very, very early to save myself from the harsh Texas summer sun. It doesn’t sound like too bad of an idea honestly.
- Finally, 10 years later, seeing one of my all-time favorite bands ever, and being RIGHT UP close to the front, near the stage to see them play. Thanks Postal Service, for giving me music that I love.
- Less interesting than taking a picture of the band onstage is taking a picture of everyone taking pictures of the band on stage.

- Someone writing on my dirty back windshield while I was in town. When I went to fill up on gas, I was quite amused! That’s me!

- Drinking about it while sitting on the back deck of the Hula Hut, overlooking the lake in the late afternoon. Mojito in hand, enjoying the breeze, the heat, the sun and the rest.
- I made chocolate chip cookies one night (really fantastically amazing ones, by the way) just because I really wanted a cookie.
- I was SO happy happy to wake up to lightning (without thunder – that came later) and the sound of rain on the roof the other morning.
- Walking out and slipping my foot into my shoe only to find there was a toad in it!
- Eggs Benedict (Cumberbatch), my favorite breakfast.
- The sound of the rain on the porch and the grass, distant thunder, good rainy-day soft, sad and slow music, and a task at hand.
- Sitting on the front porch watching the rain while the chickens doze all around me.
- All of us sitting in the rockers into the night drinking, BSing, telling stories smoking a stogie.
- Sitting on the bench in front of the Hall with my beer, watching the people and loose livestock roll by.
- Sleeping in, such a rare treat!
- A great hot shower, especially when it’s just what you need.
- Free bull! Score!
- Pretty picture!

- Seeing Return of the Jedi on the big screen for the first time (that I remember). Really fantastically excellent good time. We even got Darth Vader masks and got to pose for a promotional photo. And drinks made the hour and a half wait far more enjoyable.
- Buttermilk, garlic and batter fried chicken with mashed potatoes and creamed corn, with strawberry rhubarb pie with vanilla ice cream. Easily one of my favoritest meals ever.
- Finding my absolutely most favoritest store EVER in the tiny town of Carmine, TX and buying this really amazing window art for my bathroom.
- Driving through Giddings and seeing a tractor parked in the parking lot of the donut shop. That’s totally how it’s done!
- Puppy break before heading out this morning. And the super happy puppy face that ensued.
- Iced tea and sitting in springy rocky chairs on perfect early summer days.
- B is for bouncing baby bulls:

- I had honestly forgotten the simple joy of drawing on the porch with chalk. (It’s the closest I have to a sidewalk)
- Avocado coconut and rose ice cream (two separate flavors, but tasted perfect together).
- Hearing my favorite songs several times, windows down, singing at the top of my lungs.
- Watching the Mercury, Venus and Jupiter conjunction on the way home and catching a perfect glimpse of it behind my tree.
- Accomplishment.
- That feeling when you know you made the right choice, and are heading down the right path.
- Scratching my baby cow on the head especially after she was gone for 9 days.
- The TV show North America: It’s beautiful to see my own country, I’ve seen some of it and have an overwhelming desire to see more of it. It’s like inspiration and travel porn all in one.
- Sexy Texas drawls. Call me darlin’ and watch me melt into a puddle.
- The cats, usually mortal enemies, actually sharing my lap. Unheard of!
- A warm night, but most of the intense heat had dissipated, the wind blew briskly out of the south, the skies twinkled, the wind chimes played, the crickets and night bugs sang and I walked out into the dark to take a look at the night sky – I love it out here so much. I really am a county girl at heart.
- Homemade sunscreen bars
- Perhaps not the best moment, but still very interesting: we had our first snake in the henhouse. I went in, picked him up and transported him 1/3 mile across the property and let him go, having given him a strong talking-to while I did, letting him know he can’t eat the eggs, and I won’t tolerate it again. He repaid my by spraying me with stinky snake pee and trying to bite my glove.
- Homemade onion soup recipe
- “If people sat outside and looked at the stars each night, I bet they’d live a lot differently.” – Bill Watterson
- Carli Davidson’s Shake Series
- Salted grapefruit soda (holy crap good) and sitting down in the shade with rosemary caramels.
- Feeling perhaps smugly out of place being an actual farmer with dirt and grease and my shit-caked Crocs in Hipsterlandia restaurants that are “farm-chic.”
- “The essence of mindfulness: living mindfully, fully aware, fully present and actively knowing that whatever your situation is, it is merely that, a situation. It does not define you, unless you allow it to.”
- Root beer kombucha
- Discovering that Emm Gryner, who I like unrelatedly, worked with Chris Hadfield on the song and video for Space Oddity. Her blog post about it was wonderful!
- I’m very excited for this to get completed so I can go see it: Museum of the Moving Image creating a Jim Henson Muppet Gallery
- The What Did You Think I Said Game:

“Drunk monkey took my keys”
What I actually said: “And Red Rock is not that far…”

“Tiny Texas.”
What I actually said: “I wasn’t paying attention.”

- I *love* this photo so so much:
Knate Myers Photography: Night Skies &emdash; Milky Way Panorama - Bridge Across the Sky

- Beautiful Austin and amazing music

- Cello cow calls:

- A really scary and amazing tornado intercept video. Catch it when something hits the windshield so hard it damn near catches fire:

- K-mart ads are so damn funny.

- I fell in love with Texas the first time I came to Austin and I’ve been in Texas for 8 years now.

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