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August 2013
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Best Moments

A poem that has really stuck with me:

“I Am Not I”

I am not I.
I am this one
walking beside me whom I do not see,
whom at times I manage to visit,
and whom at other times I forget;
who remains calm and silent while I talk,
and forgives, gently, when I hate,
who walks where I am not,
who will remain standing when I die.

- My perfect little moon, in a perfectly pink sky, by the perfect salty beach, in a perfectly perfect moment.

- Hubsand humoring me while I spent the sunset kicking and frolicking in the surf.
- In an ever-so-cliche kind of way, we walked along the beach, the surf lapping our feet, hand in hand while the sun slid down the sky.

- Gear for shooting the Milky Way and astrophotography
- Tips for shooting the night sky
- “This coffee tastes…crabby. Like they boiled crabs in it.” (I tasted it, it just tasted like coffee to me.)
- The Diner, which played Roger Miller’s “Chug-a-lug” at 7 in the morning, and we bust out laughing and started singing a long.
- Horse riding on the beach! (1 and 2)
- Swim in a cave?
- Awesome beaches! (And I’ve even seen some of these!)
- Treehouse paradise!
- Neato dome! I’d love to visit.
- Instagram photo-a-days

- Oysters, beer and pro tips.
- A coffee shop/lunch place that is also a place to play board games. They have hundreds to play on giant shelves!
- Frolicking in the waves of the Gulf, wave jumping, floating, and being amazing.
- “In Xanadu did Kubla Khan a stately Pleasure Pier decree…” (at the Pleasure Pier in Galveston)
- Perhaps “Rock You Like A Hurricane” may not have been the best song to play on the Rock and Roll Express ride on a pier jutted out into the Gulf of Mexico, eh?
- Project Drive-In
- Sunrise from bed (and the balcony) over the Gulf. The tip tops of the clouds lit up pink and orange first, then light slowly crept into the sky. I walked out onto the balcony just as the giant disc of sun climbed over the horizon and watched the lights of the pier go out and the clouds dissipate in the day’s heat.

- Perfect skies, cool ocean breezes, good Sunday morning music, mimosas, sounds of the wave crashing, and shrimp and grits benedict. I could have stayed there all day.

- 360 degrees of the Grand Canyon. Beautiful interactive full circle aerial panoramas of cities and amazing locations around the world.
- “I don’t understand seals.” “They are like big swimmy dogs…”
- Earthshine at Moonfall: The Image - Aug 9, 2013
- 5 Rules For A Happier Life
- 10 Things To Do Every Day To Improve Your Life
- 16 Ways People Unknowingly Destroy Their Lives
- On savoring the moment…
- Little Dottie Lane is a ninja cow. We keep finding her in places that she probably shouldn’t be, like on the outside of the pasture, or in with Riley stealing his food. She’s small enough that she just squeezes through the gaps and wiggles her way wherever she wants and she’s smart enough that she’s figured it all out on her own. The other morning she strolled right into Riley’s pen to help him eat his breakfast, that little minx.

- Drunk farm chores!
- When my faith in humanity wanes, I think about Mr. Rogers and the “Garden of Your Mind” song and it always makes me cry it’s so sweet and lovely. Link to the song
- One picture, 365 days

- Butterflies!

- I saw a deep orange light streaming through my bedroom transom windows and I hopped up and ran outside to catch the sunrise (mostly naked). The turkey came up to strut and shake his feathers at me and Henri came to investigate and lick my head.

- Strange ice cream recipes
- Browned butter and cardamom carrot pudding
- Smoked prime rib and waffles. Oh yes, it happened.
- John Morey Photography | Natural Fine Art Photographics & More: Death Valley &emdash; Layers Of Existence
- Fun with light refraction.

- 42 mind boggling images
- Cow beauty contests
- Watching the moonset at 3am while driving home, I haven’t seen this hour in a very long time…
- Bacon hangover cures, ftw.
- A pigeon that sits on the light fixure all day, hanging out.

- Trouble decided that she was going to fight with the turkeys through the front glass door. The turkeys were curiously trying to figure out what the hell this tiny furry fury was flipping out at them. I had to close the front door eventually, she was causing such a commotion to herself.
- The turkeys chased away Batman Jelly today, but he decided the guineas were cooler anyway. He came home later and climbed right in the coop with everyone else.
- Cows don’t care if you don’t have pants on when you go feed them. ‪#‎nopantsparty‬
- Deviled eggs. Yum.
- Sno cones.
- You know it’s hot when…

- I went to wash the fire trucks in my tankini and didn’t care who thought what of it. I did get a pretty nice sunburn on my back though, whoops.

- Breakfast scones and coffee with momma.
- Dancing around the kitchen singing while cooking really awesome chicken and dumplings from my own roosters.
- Rain, thunder that rolls and cool breezes.
- Cotton candy pink clouds at sunset in the cool of the evening.
- Peek-a-boo cow!

- 20 horses with better hair than you
- Every single night, never fails, as soon as it gets dark and the chickens go to bed, this toad comes out from wherever he hides during the day and sits in his chicken waterer hot tub like a boss. Never fails.

- We closed the one evening by me reading Shel Silverstein poems (and showing the pictures) from “Where The Sidewalk Ends” to my sleepy hubsand who had never heard them.
- A nice cool bath and a book to wash off all the accumulated sweat and dust from the day.
- A hot bawking box of new-to-us cock to go to the Parker shelter for neglected and unwanted chickens.
- SEXY new 50mm 1.4 lens. Yummy!
- Pretty photography
John Morey Photography | Natural Fine Art Photographics & More: The Monument Valley Collection &emdash; Searching My Eternal Landscape
- Milky cow

- I might not call this “best” but it’s certainly something noteworthy. Satellite feed lot photos

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